Bridgewater Capital

Private Fund Allocated Toward Acquisitions & Equity

Bridgewater Capital’s investments are focused primarily on multi-family, ground up construction and development projects for long-term hold. Our projects stand out from the rest through our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and architectural excellence. We aim to transform every landscape we encounter with structures that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally friendly and energy-efficient.

As an investor, you become a partner in our projects, and we work hard to yield profitable returns on your investments that are higher than any other investment sector.

How Are The Returns So High?

Our purchasing experts are able to secure high-quality products and building materials at a fraction of the cost through extensive research and offshore purchasing power. This allows us to design projects with a much higher profit margin compared to other developers while still using superior designs, high-end materials, and the latest
construction methods.

We have a seamless and unstoppable desire to always be better and to improve our methods and processes with meticulous research and development. Every Bridgewater project is more profitable than the last with our commitment to develop better cost models in any competitive and noncompetitive market with low overhead.

Minimum Investment: $50,000.00

  • Non-Accredited investors ▪ up to $350,000.00.
  • Accredited are expected to invest above $350,000.00 at once.
  • The sum of investment can be allocated to a single project or several with choice of project(s) available.

Term: 24 Month Balloon

  • All investments are required to be delivered by bank wire 15 days prior to all deal closing dates.
  • The term starts at the deal closing date at which time the investment begins accumulating interest of the term.
  • The term ends in 14 months and the principal and ROI is due at this time. Total sum of balloon would be wired to the bank account used for the original principal.

ROI: 30%

  • Your return on investment is paid in a one time lump sum, including your principal.

Deal Structure

  • Senior debt (bank or private) at 65-80% of acquisition, plus 90% of add value of construction budget.
  • 20-35% equity by investor funding.
  • Interest reserve for senior debt is set and funded by senior lender in the first position.


  • Personal guarantee note of capital fund manager.
  • Second mortgage position after first position of senior debt.

Extensions of Term: Interest Only

If the project is delayed due to unknown conditions, permitting delays or market conditions the investment fund will start accruing interest at 12% per annum on the principal amount invested and paid monthly to investor via wire.

Loyalty Rewards: 1 Point

Revolving principal amounts are rewarded with 1% of principal amount starting at the second term of continuous original principal deposit and paid continually every term on the continues deposited amount.

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