Current Opportunities

Our experts are always working to find real estate investment deals with land parcels approved by the ZBA and Planning Departments that are already converted to a multiplier that warrants the type of returns we offer to our investors. This approach saves on duration of investment, uncertainty of the underwriting, and calculations of returns while also mitigating the risk of investment.

Another facet of our approach is identifying real estate investment deals within areas that are zoned for R1.5 and R3. What does this mean? We identify properties that can be converted from single family residences to multi-unit residences. In real estate, this approach is called the highest and best use. Using this method, in conjunction with our ability to provide the lowest cost for construction, we can maximize the profit for any investment. By adding units, thereby increasing the overall square footage of the investment, we assure that our clients can achieve an above average rate of return on their investment.

To get the most for your investment, we ensure a high capitalization rate (CAP Rate), also known as the yearly income return on your investment. What counts is the dollar amount of the percentage of profit and how quickly the profit from rent will cover the investment and that is the bottom line. We secure a higher-than-average CAP rate by keeping construction costs low, and above average rent thereby making each investment a successful one.

Extended Term Investments (36+ Months)

Luxury Waterfront Condo Complex

79 Units | 7 Stories
98 Lynnway • Lynn MA

Grand Central Suites Manchester NH

Apartment Building + Retail

Grand Central Suites

77 Units | 8 Stories
21 Central Street • Manchester, NH

Grand Maison Apartments Manchester NH

Apartment Building & Retail

Grand Maison

250 Units | 6 Stories
533 Elm Street • Manchester, NH

Apartment Building & Retail

Grand Midtown

144 Units • 6 Stories
102 Elm Street | Manchester, NH

Short Term Investments (14 Months)

We have several opportunities to invest in shorter term projects such including new construction custom home builds throughout New England.

Belmont MA - Duplex
147 Lexington Street
3 Bedrooms
2 Full Bath | 1 Half Bath
Priced < 2 Million Each
Lexington MA
4 Old Shade Street
5 Bedrooms
4 Full Bath | 1 Half Bath
Priced < 3 Million
Burlington MA
4 Morrison Road
6 Bedrooms
4 Full Bath | 2 Half Bath
Priced < 2 Million
Burlington MA
8 Morrison Road
5 Bedrooms
4 Full Bath | 1 Half Bath
Priced < 2 Million
Watertown MA - Duplex
21 Fayette Street
4 Bedrooms per Unit
3.5 Bathrooms per Unit
Priced 1.75 Million Each
Lexington MA
Single Family Home
9 Young Street
Priced at 2.8 Million
Lexington MA
Single Family Home
285 Woburn Street
Priced at 2.6 Million

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